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ThinkFun Rush Hour 2

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Video Review
ThinkFun Rush Hour 2

  • Forty new challenges and a fun escape vehicle
  • Four levels of play
  • New escape car
  • Grand master challenge level
  • For ages 8 years and above
ThinkFun Rush Hour 2

Fasten your safety belt: Binary Arts presents a card pack full of 40 new challenges for fans of their fast-paced Rush Hour traffic jam puzzle. In the original game, the player's goal was to maneuver a set of cars and trucks, restricted by the 6-inch-square playing grid, out of various traffic jam scenarios. The Rush Hour 2 deck provides all-new gridlock situations with equal numbers of intermediate, advanced, expert, and grand master challenges. "Intermediate" jams require 10 to 20 moves, but "expert" messes can take over 50. Each puzzle's solution is printed on the back of its setup card, making it handy for those who truly feel stuck. And just for fun, a new candy-apple-red convertible accompanies the deck. Note: you must already own the Rush Hour puzzle to use this pack. --Liane Thomas

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